DCG Booster Club Members 2021/22

Thank you to the below club members that contributed to the 2021/22 booster club. Your contributions are
greatly appreciated!

Platinum Club-$2,000

Golden Rule Plumbing Heating & Cooling

UTS Transportation

Shaffer’s Auto Body Inc

Silver Club-$1,000 or higher

Luellen Enterprises Inc

Brian Deimerly

Precision Family Eyecare

Fareway of Grimes

Oral Surgeons

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Des Moines

Bronze Club-$500

Sonny and Robin Hall

US Cellular / Cellular Advantage

Amber and Scott Mikkelsen

Michael and Christine Meggison

Darci and Chris Duey

Charter Bank

GIT Insurance

Red Club-$250

Scott and Sulley Blessman

Joshua Miller

Jeremy Renz

Eric and Heidi Ortegren

Matt & Melissa Janssen

Erin and Jeremy Leifker

Shannon and John Arbuckle

Brown Fagen & Rouse

Kevin and Mandy Willey

Dale Kloscksiem

Cameran and Jill Crosser

Dave and Carol Eilers

Amber & Chuck Lampe

Scott and April Heitland

Septagon Construction

Todd Miller

Back to Health Chiropractic

Erik Adair

White Club-$100

Dr. Kate Patch and Brian Hutzel family

Cali Jermier

Craig Geppert

Chris and Melissa Perrin

Scott Blum

Curtis and Tyra Behnkendorf

Spencer & Laura Curtis

Bryan Gill

Jeff and Holly Callahan

Doug & Jenny Rants

Troy Davis


Al and Denise Kakacek

John and Sara Klaessy

Corey and Carrie Nelson

TJ & Tonya Amos

Amy Messerly

Tanya Mauk

Century 21 Signature Real Estate-Jessica Kramer

Jason & Tiffany Hamil & Family

Marc and Meg Jackson

The Eason Family

Joe & Jenny Harestad

Emily & Jason Wegner

Brian and Leslee Valenta

Adam and Steph Jones

Steve & Tami Valline

Matt & Mindy Morris

Elite Builders – Matt and Stacy Eischeid

Troy and Kay Bauer

Eric and Beulah Meints

Shear Expressions

Randall and Lisa Howell

Ross and Gloria Sales

Spurgeon Manor

Doug & Penny Bickford

Mark & Kari Lachaez

Andy & Nicole Stocken

Jason & Mindy Elliot

Brian & Jen Jackson

Ed & Brenda Anderson

Gray Club-$50

Dean and Deb Brushaber

Ben & Krista Reis

Michelle Dirks

Toni Parkins

John/Erica Schmitz

Darin Boots

Shawn and Heather Spooner

Jim and Kirstin Isenhart

Eric & Dana Snyder

Greg & Tammi Fox

Brent and Anna Ver Ploeg

Courtney Heidemann

Denise Bickford

Ryan Kluss

Beth Lyddon

Baier Family

Brian & Lisa Foy

Daniel and Heather Willrich

Brent Buttjer

Audra Meyeraan

Troy & Paige Fenn

Shannon and David Dannen

Jim and Karen Beckwith

Kevin Vidergar

Dave & Janet Harwood

Mitch and Donna Yeager

Jon and Jennifer Doudne

Todd & Amy Lawton

Shawn & Jodi Benberg

Jason and Sarah Hughes

James Abens

Jill and Steve Shawhan

Jenny Jones

David & Clinkinbeard

Tyler York

Rachel Greving

Justin and Katie Scholl

Dean and Deb Brushaber

Ben & Krista Reis

Kevin & Michelle Dirks

Toni Parkins

John/Erica Schmitz

Matt and Heidi Pries

Joseph and Tracy Ollendick

Oz and Shannon Grimm

Rhonda Carpenter

Teresa Hutzel

Dennis and Joane Newell

Dixie Harnden

Tyler and Cheri Iversen

Tony & Stephanie Schwantes

Oz & Angel Grimm

Jason & Stephanie Harris